I’m not sure how many of the “old timers” still play animal crossing, but soon I’ll be re-doing this blog back to the way it used to be. Hopefully some of you will still want to play.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to get a new friendcode as my DS died years ago…

Fancy a catch up?

Spread the word!


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Damn! I forgot those turnips again :|

So today I got up at 9, did the usual waking up things, then sat down at 11:30 and had a conversation with Sorrel.

We talked about animal crossing then at 12:00 exactly I thought…


So now I’ll have a nice wedge of money in the bank for next week, but oh well.

Please give me a shout if you have a huge turnip price btw (If you do I’ll give you some turnips – not sure how many yet.. probably dependent on price)

I’ll be open 6 AND 7 tonight for my special guest Sorrel!

Please come and join, Sorcha x


Back up and running :D

Hey guys!
The settled time has become 6pm GMT.

This is my time (GMT), just add/subtract time as you need too…

I could have some crashes as I need to update my R4, thats why I haven’t been opening/opening for a few seconds and closing!

Sorry about all of this I hope we can play soon!!

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My First Visit to France

Today I woke up and guess what…


I hope this means that I can find some four leaf clovers.

I open but no one came.
So I started to de-weed old France.

Meanwhile I needed to check some things!

For starters, my neighbours are now:

  • Hugh
  • Angus
  • Opal
  • Pierce
  • Static
  • Alice
  • Nan

I have: 14800 bells in the bank, but still a 898,600 bell morgage to pay off. (I know it’s useless but it’s agitating me now!)

The snow’s all gone so now everything is nice and green πŸ˜€

Then Manny from Lumville came over πŸ™‚Β We de-weeded the whole town then when I tried to save.. LAG :@

This time we went to Lumville! πŸ˜€

There I met Rozit from stardust! Hey Rozit!

I fished for a bit, then went for my shower.

When I returned I went back to Lumville for a while then my DS ran out!


Oh well it was fun today! Nice to see you again Manny!




Good Morning All

Hello dear readers, I’m sorry I have been so busy over the last couple of months, I’ve set up my wifi I just need to update my R4 (So I can save without it crashing)

I’m just wondering what time would be best for you guys.. I usually cant make 7-8pm GMT on weekdays and its rare that I can play between 12 and 10pm on Saturdays.

So I need to set up some regular times, what are you thinking?…


Useful Info Pages

So if you’re wondering why I’m not opening or playing, it’s because I’m currently busy on the useful info pages…

Check them out guys!

Useful Info pages πŸ˜›


Happy New Year


…to you all!!!

I hope all of your dreams for the upcoming year are fulfilled and may it be a good year for all (:


Hello All

Welcome to My AC:WW Blog!.
My name is Sorcha, and I have been playing Animal Crossing for two years, and have been blogging for one year.
My old blog Claire and Sorcha’s AC:WW Blog was where I started to blog with one of my close friends Claire, however she became inactive, and I thought it would be better just for me to start my own blog.
Here I hope to start a whole place for you guys with info etc, and I will start asap getting pictures for my Useful Information Page, however please understand that HTML is a long and dreadful task which I push myself through slowly.
So enjoy, and be pleased that you’re not the one writing πŸ˜‰

PS: I have many ways of contact, you can
Email me:
Formspring me
Facebook me

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